Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To Infinity & Beyond

Day 12: 482 Miles
Total: 3,801 Miles

We got up yesterday morning for the beginning of a new adventure. This one was to be different. Unlike the somewhat planned trip on Route 66, we had no idea where we were headed as we sat eating breakfast. We were in California and knew we had to get back to North Carolina, but not directly. That was never the plan. We had basically narrowed our choices down to three: 1) Drive up the coast to Sacramento and take U.S. 50 across country, 2) drive up the coast to Newport, Oregon and connect with U.S. 20 to drive cross country, or 3) wing it and just make the trip road by road, using a map.

We opted for plan number 2 since it takes us through parts of the country we have never been. U.S. 20 becomes Genesee Street in Auburn, New York where we plan to eventually spend a couple of days, so that was convenient. On to Oregon, it is.

We called my Aunt Mona and Uncle Jim in Newark, California to let them know that we would be passing close by and to see if they would be up for a visit (albeit brief). They were willing and available, so we stopped off and had a wonderful visit with two of my favorite people anywhere. They even bought us dinner (Thanks!). After a much too short visit we said goodbye and headed up through Oakland and across the San Rafael Bridge to Novato, California where we spent the night.

We are preparing to leave for Oregon this morning and our goal is to get to Newport by this evening so we can start our U.S. 20 trip tomorrow. No pictures yesterday. Sorry.


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Aunt Mona said...

Your visit to us was indeed short, but oh so sweet! It made my day to see you upspirited again and happy, thanks to the lovely Sharon! She's a fantastic person and we both just love her. I'm so glad you two found each other!
Happy trails to you. Keep the post going all the way home. Love you guys!