Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Looooong Day

Day 12: 556 Miles
Total: 5,254 Miles

Greetings from Lebanon, Missouri. I drove 13+ hours and was exhausted when I got in last night. Then I had problems uploading pictures. So I'm a day late, but here are the details of my Tuesday.

I started out at about 8:00am from the Irish Inn in Shamrock, Texas. The room was fine and the meals in the attached restaurant were so-so. I wound up eating dinner there, and then got a free breakfast. It was worth every penny.

I quickly crossed the Oklahoma border, but it seemed to take forever to get everywhere I was going. Early on I stopped to take a lot of pictures, then got backed up in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. It was fairly late by the time I hit Kansas. Still, the drive was pleasant through Oklahoma. There are lots of miles of pristine original Route 66 roadway to drive on, and I really enjoyed it.

I had run into a bit of rain but quickly drove through it. Kansas and Missouri look like they were totally drenched. By the time I reached Kansas it was sunny but signs of flooding were everywhere. I couldn't even get to the bridge I had taken pictures of before because Route 66 was completely flooded there, and I had to detour around. I'm glad I got to see it a few days ago.

I was set on making it to Lebanon, Missouri to stay at the Munger Moss Motel - a Route 66 classic. Because of that, I drove over 500 miles and didn't get to the motel until late. I had a nice conversation with the owner about the romanticism and nostalgia provoked by Route 66, and how it is making a major resurgence due to baby boomers and new generations discovering it for the first time.

Here are a few shots I took. This first one was of a bar not too far from where I stayed in Texas.

Also in Texas, this is an unused stretch of Route 66 that runs parallel to the current route. You can see a van to the left in the distance that is on the current Route 66. This occurs a lot in Texas and Oklahoma in particular. It may be that they simply stopped using two out of the four lanes in some cases and turned it back into a two lane highway. In some cases it may literally be an older road that was replaced with a newer one.

This is a nicely restored Texaco station in Chandler, Oklahoma.

This is a really cool place in Stroud, Oklahoma. It is the original "hard" Rock Cafe. I had lunch here. The place was built in the 1930s and used rock excavated for the building of Route 66. A great place to stop and visit.

Just a cool motel sign, so I shot it.

Miami, Oklahoma classic road food joint. It's the home of the Ku Ku burger.

I took a different iteration of Route 66 back through Joplin, Missouri this time. Nice downtown area.

I took another picture of the Route 66 Drive-In. I like this one better.

This restored Sinclair station is very nicely done. It's located between Heatonville and Halltown in Missouri.

The Munger Moss Motel. Great place, great owners, great sign. Only $38!

It's on to Chicago today.


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