Friday, June 28, 2013

Tour Day 6 - Crossing Famous Highways

We began our day by driving to La Porte, Indiana to have breakfast at B&J's American Cafe. It was like stepping into the past. What a great place! We talked to John, the owner, for awhile as well as one of the customers inside. We got one of their hot home-made cinnamon buns to go. It didn't last long.

We crossed the state line into Illinois and drove through Chicago Heights. This is a crossroads where two great highways again share the road. This time the Lincoln crosses and briefly joins the western alignment of the Dixie Highway. The LH turns onto Chicago Road for about a mile before breaking off again. Chicago Road is the Dixie Highway through here.

We stopped and had lunch at the Joliet Area Historical Museum which is where we crossed Route 66 the first time. From there we drove to Plainfield where the two most famous historical roads in America share three blocks of pavement.

Along the way, Sharon and I stopped to meet an online friend, Cort Stevens, in person. We then met another friend traveling with us on the tour, Denny Gibson, and the three of us parked our cars together for a picture representing the eighties, seventies and sixties. from left to right is Cort's 1989 Impala, my  1972 Monte Carlo, and Denny's 1963 Valiant.

From there we made our final stop in Franklin Grove at the Lincoln Highway Association headquarters. this was followed by a picnic in the park.

We backtracked slightly to our hotel in Rochelle to spend the night. We will be off to Iowa and an intersection with another famous historic highway this morning.


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