Monday, July 4, 2011

Feelin' Irie...or is that Erie?

Day 18: 420 Miles
Total: 7,092 Miles

After a very long day yesterday, we got a slow start today. We got on the road at about 10:00am, heading for South Bend. Within an hour we were in northeastern Indiana in beautiful farm country with sizable Mennonite and Amish populations.

We quickly moved into northeastern Ohio where we again saw beautiful farms and rolling hills. The nice scenery led right up to Toledo and the towns of Maumee and Perrysburg.

The scenery changed however, as we moved closer to Cleveland. The signage for U.S. 20 became horrible, and we lost track of Route 20 three different times because of missing signs. We gave up and made our way through Cleveland as best as we could, then picked up Route 20 on the far side. The remainder of the state was a series of traffic lights and 25-45mph speed limits.

It was a pleasant sight to see the Pennsylvania state line. We drove to the first motel we could find near Erie, stopping once to shoot pictures of a set of restored gas pumps along the way.

We crossed the 7,000 mile mark today, and we'll add to it tomorrow. Our plan is to make it to Auburn, New York at some point during the day. We'll stay there a day or two before moving on.


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Aunt Mona said...

Neither one. It's Eerie. lol. Parts of PA is also beautiful, but hilly. Last time we went thru there we stopped at one of the miniature horse farms. It made me wish I owned some acreage so I could have a few until I thought about all the work and not much benefit from them. Really cute animals though.
I'm glad you made it an easier day for yourselves today. Say hello to Auburn for me. I cry just thinking about visiting the graves of my Mom and Dad, sister and brothers. But I'm glad they are together.