Friday, July 1, 2011

Onward and Upward...The West Coast, That Is

Day 13: 547 Miles
Total: 4,348 Miles

NOTE: I actually wrote this yesterday evening, but a problem with Blogspot prevented me from posting it until tonight.

We left Novato, California this morning, heading north on U.S. 101. About 550 miles later we got off of the 101 in Newport, Oregon. The trip was long, but at times it was very pleasant. We drove through beautiful scenery in Sonoma Valley, then through the redwood forests. We took time to get out of the car and stroll a bit through one.

We also managed to find the giant of all giants as you can see. Note in the second picture Sharon is standing by Paul Bunyan's left foot by a large plaque. This guy is huge!

In northern California and through most of Oregon we saw some spectacular ocean scenery. The pictures below were all taken in Oregon. The weather was cool, foggy and wet, so we didn't get as many pictures as we hoped. There was an amazing lighthouse that we couldn't take because the weather wouldn't cooperate.

About 9:00pm we rolled into Newport, Oregon. We are staying at an oceanfront motel called the Shiloh. We have a great view from our room, so hopefully the weather will cooperate before we have to leave tomorrow. We also went to a really cool community playhouse/restaurant for dinner. We had a great meal while watching a performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream. Very different but fun.

We're staying about three blocks away from our starting point tomorrow, which is the beginning of eastbound U.S. 20 at the corner of U.S. 101. We don't have a clue how far we're going tomorrow or where we'll be stopping, but when we know you'll know.


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