Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today is Saturday, So This Must Be MA, or RI, or CT, or NY, or NJ, or DE, or MD

Day 23: 404 Miles
Total: 8,525 Miles

Today was another long day that resulted in crossing six state lines. The day began with a typical 9:30ish departure from Norwood, MA. On the first part of the trip our intention was to stay with I-95, at least until we got past New York City. We had toyed with the idea of taking U.S. 1 from Boston to New York, but we felt that even though it would be a great trip it would probably add an extra day to our planned return so we opted for the quicker route. U.S. 1 runs from Key West, Florida to the northern tip of Maine...hmmm....something to think about in the near future.

I-95 took us from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and finally New Jersey. Though there were occasional slowdowns the trip went surprisingly smoothly. Traffic was backed up for miles in the opposite direction in and around New York City, so we considered ourselves very lucky. In New Jersey we picked up U.S. 9 and took it virtually the entire length of the state, down to the southern tip at Cape May. There we took an 80-minute, 17-mile ferry ride to Lewes, Delaware, crossing the Delaware Bay.

The trip was very pleasant, and it was nice having someone other than Sharon or I doing the driving, even if it was only those 17 miles. Once in Delaware we picked up U.S. 1 and followed it through several beach towns along the brief 20-something mile distance into Maryland. We jumped off of U.S. 1 at the eastern terminus of U.S. 50 ( the other west-to-east route we had considered before choosing U.S. 20) and followed that inland a brief distance before getting on highway 113, then finally U.S 13. we stopped for the night at a fairly decent motel somewhere in Maryland.

Tomorrow we plan to end our journey in the driveway in Brevard, North Carolina, however late that may be. We will continue from Maryland across the Delmarva Peninsula into Virginia. Then we will cross the 20-mile long engineering marvel known as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. From there we will continue from Virginia into North Carolina, then across the state from east to west. I'm not sure of the route yet. I would like to avoid I-40 and stick to the two-lanes as much as possible, but timing will partially dictate which way we go. Until then, here are a few pictures we took today.


I wanted to add something from Rhode Island, so here is the capital dome in Providence as I sped down I-95.

A few interesting displays in New Jersey.

The Cape May - Lewes Ferry from the New Jersey side.

The Cape May Light.

The Harbor of Refuge Light.

The Delaware Breakwater East End Light.

Pictures of the Delaware shore.

One of many wild displays in Ocean City, Maryland.

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Aunt Mona said...

That's a long drive to get you home. Don't be in too big of a hurry! I'm sure both of you will be glad to be home again and seated on a sofa instead of a car seat,- while you plan the next fantastic journey! Please stay in touch. Love to both of you.