Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Homeward Bound (Spiritually)

Day 19: 276 Miles
Total: 7,368 Miles

A relaxing, easy day was had by all...all being Sharon and I. The short drive from Erie, Pennsylvania to Auburn, New York was punctuated by beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. The western parts of Pennsylvania and New York are dotted with vineyards throughout. Auburn is home for me; if not literally then certainly spiritually. It's where I was born, and though I lived less than the first three years of my life there I have returned many, many times; first to see my loved ones and now to visit their graves and cherish their living memories. I go back every year, and this time I chose to share it with Sharon. Throughout our journey along Route 66, U.S. 101 and U.S. 20, this destination was always in the plan. So for the next couple of days I get to bask in the spirit of my memory at the same time I make new ones with a person I care very deeply for.

We will eventually move on to Boston, then down the coast back to North Carolina. But for now I'm home.


The motel we stayed in near Erie, PA last night.

A Mennonite family on the road in western NY.

Brocton, NY.
 Seneca Falls, NY.

 Skaneateles Lake in NY.

Historic hotel in Skaneateles, NY.

Early evening overlooking Owasco Lake in NY.

Sunset across Owasco Lake in NY.

The Hunter Dinerant in Auburn, NY.

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Aunt Mona said...

Auburn NY. Home. It has a lot of good memories of growing up there as well as some not so good. My girlhood friend Sally lives not far from Auburn in Seneca Falls. I hope I will one day be able to get back there once more to see her, and to visit the graves of all my loved ones but it would have to be by plane because I know I couldn't do it by car. I remember the house you lived in near the lake, and the good times Jim and I had visiting your folks there. My sister. I have such good memories of her!
Enjoy your visit there, and have a safe journey home.