Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still "Wining"

Day 21: 56 Miles
Total: 7,609 Miles

Today was another local day in and around Auburn. Mostly around Seneca lake and the wineries. We ate lunch at the first winery, Ventosa. We bought a couple more bottles of wine there (making 17 in total), then we moved on. We visited several interesting wineries and saw lots of great scenery but we didn't buy any more.

After getting back we hung around the motel for a while then went to dinner at Cascades, a nice restaurant on the south end of Owasco Lake. We sat outside on the deck next to the water and had a pleasant dinner. After finishing we had our now-ritualistic ice cream, this time at Dee Dee's in Moravia.

By the time we got back it was dark. I took one last drive through town since we will be getting up early, eating breakfast at the Hunter Dinerant, then leaving for Boston. It has been a pleasant and restful couple of days.


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