Saturday, June 16, 2012

Closer to Home

Day 17: 570 Miles
Total: 5,569 Miles

We covered a lot of ground yesterday. The 65mph speed limits along many of the Oklahoma two lane highways keeps traffic moving at a good clip. We went through all of Oklahoma and nearly all of Arkansas. We had planned to stay somewhere in-between Hot Springs and Little Rock, but we got there so early that we decided to keep going. We spent the night in northwest Arkansas, just outside of Memphis, Tennessee.

The car ran well all day. I tweaked the carburetor before we left, and that or the fact that it wasn't nearly as hot as the day before seemed to make the car run better. It still won't restart when it's hot, but at least it doesn't seem to want to stall when sitting in traffic.


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Mona Taplin said...

65 mp! Oh my, that's way to fast for this old lady. About 45 would be better. lol. I don't drive high speed highways anymore. I know I'm not capable. I did ride down 80 with a friend once. Never again! and she is still driving. All I've got to say is she's lucky there are so many good drivers on the road when she's heading down the freeway. Have a safe trip home. Aunt Mona