Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Most of the Way Back

Day 13: 851 Miles
Total: 4,449 Miles

Yesterday was a total interstate driving day. We put over 800 miles on the car and took turns napping. We rolled into Santa Rosa, NM close to midnight and quickly fell asleep. That gives us a relatively short ride to Amarillo today.

No pictures this time, but there were a few bright spots to the day. We ate breakfast at the Ludlow Cafe in Ludlow, CA. It sits in the middle of the Mohave Desert on Route 66 but we had never stopped there before. It was a nice little place with good food.

Our second stop was the Galaxy Diner in Flagstaff, AZ. This is a great place with a wonderful diner feel to it. We have been here before, so we jumped off of the interstate and made a pleasant stop.

Dinner was late so our choices were limited in Albuquerque, NM. As it turns out, we found another great diner on Route 66 called, surprisingly, the Route 66 Diner.

We hope to get the car back today, but probably won't know the status until we arrive in Amarillo. If we do we can get an early start toward home tomorrow. My fear is that if this drags on for another day or two we will be scrambling to get home by Sunday so Sharon can get to work by Monday. We'll soon see.


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