Monday, June 18, 2012

The End...

Day 18: 527 Miles
Total: 6,096 Miles

Saturday turned out to be a very long day. We got an early start and covered a lot of ground. We began in Arkansas, near Memphis, and before lunch we had traveled through Tennessee, Mississippi and into Alabama. The starter on the old Ford was hanging in there, but it was clear that it was getting worse quickly. Since the car now has absolutely no overheating problems we tried to leave it running whenever we could, just turning it off when we stopped for meals.

We hit Chattanooga, TN at around 6pm and continued on toward Brevard. At about 7pm we stopped for dinner. When we came back out the car wouldn't start. This was the first time it sat for so long and then refused to start. We waited for another half hour, then another. As we were discussing the possibilities of towing the car to either a repair facility or all the way home, it finally came to life. We drove the rest of the way home with our fingers crossed. I parked it in the driveway around 11:30pm, partially unloaded the car, then we went to bed.

Sunday I went out and the car started just fine. I pulled it into the garage and put it up on jacks. I removed the starter and took it to the auto parts store where they tested it and confirmed it was fried. So I replaced it with a new one which seems to work fine.

So that's the end of our adventure this time. It evolved very differently than we expected when we initially set out, but it was most definitely an adventure. We saw many new things along Route 66, but then missed almost the entire second half of our carefully planned trip. Another trip for another day, I guess.

Until next time...


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Mona Taplin said...

I'm glad you posted your trip here so i could kind of travel along via my armchair. I think it was very different the first time I rode down 66 back in 1951. There were many tiny towns back then with populations of 7 or 8 people.
I'm glad you are safe at home! Love you. Aunt Mona