Friday, June 8, 2012

Which Way Did They Go?

Day 9: 276 Miles
Total: 2,573 Miles

Which way did we go? Just before breakfast this morning I called the repair facility manager for an update on our ailing 1937 Ford. If he said they were ahead of schedule and the car would be finished today, we would return to Amarillo. Otherwise we would continue on to Albuquerque. Well...we're in Albuquerque as I am writing this. It turns out that this was not the first time this radiator had been repaired; maybe not even the second. As I mentioned previously, there is a structural problem in the way the builder first installed the radiator which causes undue stress on it and ultimately causes breakage. Instead of redesigning the mounts the previous owner just kept repairing the radiator; until he sold me. So the guys at Vintage Autohaus have ordered a new radiator which may arrive tomorrow. If it does, Sharon and I will be back on the road on Monday. If it doesn't it could take longer.

So we drove to Albuquerque today via the original roundabout Route 66 alignment through Santa Fe. Sharon loves Santa Fe. I hate it. A lot. Roads that are impossible to drive on or follow because they are narrow, one-way, cut-offs, and they drive me insane.

The positive thing, though, is that both Sharon and I like Albuquerque and that's where we are now. We are staying in a great motel I stayed in back in 2007 called the Monterey Non-Smokers Motel. It is run by a cool German guy who responded to me the same way he did five years ago when I asked if he had a room available; "If you are a non-smoker, I have a room for you." The place is meticulously clean and about a quarter mile from Old Town Albuquerque where we wandered through shops and had a great dinner.

Tomorrow we are going to Holbrook, AZ to spend the night in another wigwam. This will be the last of the three remaining Wigwam Villages that we haven't yet stayed in. There is also a great restaurant there called Joe & Aggie's that we missed last year when we couldn't stay at the wigwam. I'm not sure how much further west we will go after that, but I guess we'll have to figure that out very soon.

Here are a few pictures along Route 66 in Albuquerque today; neon, neon, neon!

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Mona Taplin said...

You are staying up past your bedtime Mike! I'm glad you two are enjoying your trip in spite of the your car breaking down. I hope the mechanics do a great job making permanent repairs. Love you. Aunt Mona